Emglo E810-4V 4-Gallon Heavy-Duty Oil-Lube Stacked Tank Air

E810-4V 4-Gallon Heavy-Duty Oil-Lube Stacked Tank Air Compressor – The Emglo E810-4V Heavy-Duty 4 Gal Oil-Lube Stacked Tank Air Compressor have used lubricant pump with material made from cast iron, activities extremely strong, can provide more than 1500 hours of operation. with 4.0 SCFM delivered at 90 PSI pump a tank and 125 max PSI 4.0 Gallon it allows users to shoot than nails and provide recovery more quickly.

It is quite floppy start valves help assist in cold weather conditions. It also has features to make dual connection more easily and transplant to user support. It has a drain valve for quick and convenient drainage pools and winding for easy storage. Emglo has good professional reputation in the long term, compressed air unit will provide the site performance for many years. This device is warranted for 1 year using. £ 56 compressor is able to meet most of the needs of decoration carpenters, remodelers, light duty editor, roofers or floor

In this article, it refers to air compressor reviews so that customers have the right choice when purchasing compressors.

Twin tanks

Compressors equipped with double tank, a cast-iron cylinder and a central processor makes it easy to carry on the construction site. In a relatively short time, the twin tank is full to shut-off the compressor at 125 PSI.


With a 1.1 HP motor is capable of producing 4.0 SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) at 90 PSI, many air power is distributed more; This air compressor capable of high requirements as driving up to four brad nailers or end or two frames, roofing or flooring nailers simultaneously

Oil-lubricated pump

It is very important to ensure that all the oil fill, it is easy to check because it was built in the hydraulic oil in the crankcase glasses.


  • The compressor works great. Customers rated seems it performed very well. The air valves are much nicer and easier to operate than their older models.
  • Refresh quickly and keep its atmosphere is almost no leakage.
  • While the case of iron pillar can add some weight, it goes a long way extend pump life and durability.
  • Dual soft-start valve makes it work faster for cold weather or extended rope start.
  • Good balance portability.


  • Soft-start valve sticks open, and the compressor will be difficult to build up pressure.
  • Some customers complained that the product was defective when delivered. Both starting pressure valve will not close due to soft bleed off the pressure towards the tank

Initial testing of the customer after using showed E810-4V 4-Gallon Heavy-Duty Oil-Lube Stacked Tank Air Compressor offers a lot of performance and features. The way that Emglo was making compressors for big-name companies such as DeWalt for years, hoping that this compressor will meet the needs of contractors when required a compact solution. All in all, this compressor is a solid performer that can certainly recommended. You can buy it TFM in places as prestigious at Lowe’s Home Improvement Center for local and online.